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We are a small indie studio based in Cordoba, Argentina. Our first game, BalanCity, was published on 2016 on Steam and sold over 80k copies on PC, Mac & Linux. In 2017 we partnered with Giant Monkey Robot and released the mobile version of BalanCity. In 2018 we started developing two new games: Tinytopia, and Fata Morgana: Cities Beyond Clouds, a dark cyberpunk city builder. In 2019 we began working on Space Routine, a space family life simulator released in 2020 as a Humble Bundle Original title. In 2021, we partnered with Mastiff games to publish Tinytopia on PC.


BalanCity is a goofy 2D city builder with stacking and balancing physics.

Release date: 2016
Platform: PC, Mac & Linux

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Fata Morgana: Cities Beyond Clouds

A cyberpunk city builder set up in a dystopian world. Combines city building mechanics with a dark storyline.

Release date: TBA 2020
Platform: PC, Mac & Linux

Space Routine

Space Routine is a space family life simulator set up in a retro sci fi cartoon universe.

The player takes control of the members of each member of the family making them follow their daily routine and tasks like going to work, school, shopping, leisure and spending time at home.

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Release date: TBA 2020
Platform: PC


Dream big, build tiny!

As the newly-elected Mayor of Tinytopia, you’ll use physics-based building mechanics in conjunction with a box full of toy-like miniatures to transform desk-sized landscapes into thriving and bustling metropolises.

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Release date: August 30 2021
Platform: PC

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